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clearly tough new pe film resins also scroe high on processability.

by:Mingtao      2020-12-26
Pre-polyethylene production line
Up must make room for the new generation of metalloca and non-metalloca nurturing new players
Metal catalyst.
The new series of polyethylene resin for blow molding film and streaming film conforms to the traditional hierarchy.
This is especially true in inllannan, where the old ranking of polymer types (
Xinone, hexene, dingone)
Strength and other mechanical properties are no longer strictly effective.
LLDPE film grade based on metallocene catalyst (mLLDPE)
They have already achieved their results, but it is clear that they are not the last word in performance.
Other new polymerization processes and catalyst technologies show the hope of setting new benchmarks for film clarity and/or strength.
For example, the newer Ziegler-
The Natta process produced octrene llldpe, which is reported to be able to work with mLLDPE as well as \"super-
Can be with Z-
And mLLDPEs.
Now, there is even a kind of \"super dingone\" that can bridge the gap between traditional dingone and hexene polymers.
In addition, newnon
Metal, single-
On-site catalysts present challenges in performance and processing performance to traditional metallocene compounds.
Maometals updated Exxon\'s business introduction to the resin category (now Exxon-Mobil)
In 1995, mLLDPE film resin found a niche in four market areas ---
Food packaging, stretch film (mainly cast), heavy-
Diapers and diapers.
Domestic players in the league include Exxon Petroleum, Dow and Phillips chemical.
Their materials are mainly used in multi-layer structures and are said to be allowed to be used in multi-layer structures-
Measure up to 20% while maintaining toughness.
EXCOM will launch two major categories of products.
One is the main expansion of its Exceed hexmlldpe, which now includes five grades of blown film and three grades of streaming film. New blown-
According to Exceed market manager George Panagopoulos, thin film resale will provide better processing performance, better optical performance and lower gel, mainly as a result of new additives.
Four new ones above Level 0. 7 to 1. 5 MIand 0. 917 to 0.
The density of 922 will be introduced, along with four sliding and anti-block versions.
A whole new one, so-
The mLLDPE family, which is far from being named, will also be unveiled in 2000.
ExxonMobil only said they would make it with Unipol gas
There will be different melting-
Indicator and density range of current grade.
For food packaging and personal development
It is expected that they will provide enhanced sealing and clarity and greatly improve toughness--e. g. , 25-
50% premium impact thanexisting mLLDPE.
Dow Plastics has added four new grades to its elite eight-polymer series produced through solution processes and on-site Metal Technologies.
The Elite Series now includes six levels of blown films and two predicted films.
Like the original Elite 5105
Film grade, newer Elite5101 (0. 85 MI, 0. 920 g/cc)
Display a very high dart impact ([greaterthan]850 g), good heat-seal and hot-
The viscosity performance, as well as the added advantages of the optimized slip and anti-blocking formula.
Suitable for large bags, food packaging, agricultural film, etc. New elite 5401 (1 MI, 0. 916 g/cc)
There is also an optimized slip/anti-adhesion.
Like the early elite 5400
The film level, the impact of dart is very high ([greater than]850 g)
Make it suitable for freezing at low temperature
Food and specialty packaging such as ice bags.
The new elite version of blowing film 5410 (1. 3 MI, 0. 918 g/cc)
It is said that good sealing and dart impact are provided for laminated films (such as sealing nets.
The new elite of actor stretch film 5230 (4. 0 MI, 0. 916 density)
Under the load of irregular shape, it has high impact strength and good puncture resistance.
It is reported that under regular load, it can provide excellent scalability for higher production.
At the same time, Dow has formed a R & D risk and cross-cutting
A license agreement was signed with Mitsui Chemical to develop a metallocene catalyst that will reportedly allow the introduction of polar monomer such as mma and vinyl acetate as they tend to \"kill\" early
N and metal catalyst.
This catalyst can provide properties of more expensive polymers such as adhesion, gas barrier and oil resistance.
However, some emerging countries also claim the ability to integrate into the polar ecosystem.
Site Technology discussed below.
Meanwhile, the Dow Jones index and BP Amoco have been successfully completed, with extendedrun Dow\'s Insite metallocene catalyst technology taking advantage of BP Amoco\'s low levels in the Indonesian plants of the eticialpepressure, gas-
PhaseInnovene process.
Last fall, at a meeting of Polyolefine and elastic materials in Houston
Hometown of Ponsor, consultant)
Researchers from the two companies reported that the mechanical and processing properties of the two new product families broke the usual trade relationship.
One is the film that is said to be better than top-endZ-
Products in terms of performance and processing performance.
Another \"real\" competitor described as low density polyethylene with similar processing performance and excellent performance.
Dow\'s plan to acquire United calcium carbide was postponed.
Phillips Chemical will soon add a fifth grade to its mPact-blown mlldpe production line
Thin film resin that has appeared in the past three years.
With the production of these products, the Philippines has gradually increased the density scale. slurry process.
Start at Level 0. 916and 0.
918g/cc, plus 0 later. 928 and 0. 933 g/cc.
The latest mPact D449 has 1 and 0 miles.
942 density, low haze (7%)
Highlights (66).
According to film manager Dan Gray
Low haze density mLLDPE is a new market segment.
Other mlldpes are above 0.
925 density usually shows 10-
15% haze, Phillips is already in 4-7% range.
Phillips plans to expand its business with other more advanced companies in the next two yearsdensity(0. 930-0. 940)mLLDPEs.
While some companies are working on metalloca-
Sun Chemical Industry Co. , Ltd. , Ltd.
Tokyo seems to be the first city to market commercial products.
Its new Creolex is manufactured in the slurry process using Dow Chemical\'s on-site technology.
It contains a small amount of dingone.
Although Asahi Shimbun says it can also make homopols, it can still make homopols.
The material has high gloss and clarity, and has excellent processing performance and shear performance.
Rate/viscosity curves very similar to standard high density polyethylene.
Easy to process is broadmobile-
Weight distribution than other metallocene resin.
It is reported that the impact strength of Creolex is twice that of traditional high density polyethylene and the ESCR is three times that of traditional high density polyethylene.
Creep resistance is also said to have improved.
Because mHDPE is more hot and stable, it is related-
According to Asahi reports, the matter is being dealt.
Creolex offers film, pipe and blow molding machines but is not sold in North America. Z-
N there are more tricks in polyethylene innovation, and metalloca is far from the only game in town.
New film resin from \"enhanced\" Ziegler
The Natta process has also helped to change the traditional resin grade, with more extensions over the past decade --
The technology for sale is on the way. Around mid-
Nova Chemical will start this yearup a 770-million-
Lb/yrplant of Joffre, Alberta will take advantage of its new-generation Z-
Advanced Sclairtech process.
Phase Sclairtechnology, obtained from DuPont Canada in 1994, this process will combine Xinting polymer, which is reported to combine the processing performance of standard llannan with metal locen
Weight distribution.
The process can also use hexene and butinone, or even a metallocene catalyst, Nova says.
Nova will launch a complete set of products within the first 18 months of the start --
Including 10 explosions. and cast-
0 film resin.
5 ~ The density of 4 is 0. 905 to 0. 936.
Debra van Horst, marketing manager, said the focus was on blowing the film, including more
Frozen food-
Food, liquid packaging and heavy-duty bags.
John Fisher, R & D manager at Sclairtech, said, \"We see incredibly high melting intensity ---
About twice as much of the existing Sclairoctene llldpe.
Similar results were observed in comparison to the competitor\'s ocene llldpe, super hexene and mllpe grades.
The process, he said, can make a lot of adjustments to optical properties, toughness, and darts impact. Another \"next-generation\" Z-
Using N catalyst in aUnipol gas
Phase reactors introduced into petroselect series by Equistar Chemicals
The high performance LLDPEs Hexene is blonfilm.
It is reported that the film they produce has better processing performance and tear strength than mLLDPE.
They also have better melting intensity and dartimact than other super players.
It is also positioned as a replacement for Xinting llldpe and mLLDPE.
The density is 0.
916g/cc, two basic levels (
Slip/antiblock versions are available for each)have MIs of 0. 7 and 1. 0.
Their goal is heavy.
Commercial and industrial packaging and frozen food.
Huntsman since the beginning of last year
The new Rexell series \"enhanced\" Xinting llldpe film resin has been fully produced.
They are a solution process that is licensed from the Dutch DSM and new-generation Z-N catalyst.
About half of the current 25 grades are used for blowing film, 30% for casting film, and 20% for injection molding.
It is said that this film resin has high dartimact, high tear strength and excellent clarity and gloss.
Examples include two new 1-
Film grade. Rexell L8408 (0. 917g/cc)
Good sealing, mechanical strength, optical properties and very low gel content.
It is recommended to use as an oil removal layer in co-extruded food packaging.
Film properties (1. 5mil)
Including 9% haze, 66 gloss grade, 290-
Dart shocks and 460-
G MDElmendorf tear. Ultra-low-
Density Rexell V8403 (0. 914 glcc)
It is reported that the ability to resist impact, puncture, tear and bending cracking is very good, plus good sealing strength, thermal viscosity and sealing ability through contaminants.
It is designed to be the sealing layer of the bagin-
Box film, co-extrusion film and layer pressure film.
Film properties (1 mil)
Including 6% haze, 73 gloss, 400-
Dart shocks and 400-
Elmendorf tore.
Since Montel olefin entered the PE business in the medium term
After 90, it launched a movie
According to the resin series called the new benchmark, the processing performance and performance of llannan are set.
All of this is done by its sphere. reactor Z-
N polymerization process, can add multiple monomer to each reactor.
From the original product, there are two families of ethylene trimers: \"Super Butenes \"(12301 series)
And definition level (12001 series).
[Super positive Ding] Grade (1 MI and 0. 912 density)
Compared with the typical Zhengding benzene llldpe, the dart impact is 33% higher, the tear resistance is 66% better, and the bubble stability is higher.
They are used for liners, garbage bags and other films that do not require hexeneLLDPE performance.
Definition of 12001-film series (0. 95 MI, 0. 912 g/cc)
Boastsotics equivalent to low density polyethylene-4-6% haze and 70-
80 gloss, as well as the dart impact strength between dingone and hexene LLDPEs.
The recently added ones, known as \"tetramer\", are made of ethylene and three monomer, which are positioned to compete with Xintong and super monomerhexene LLDPE.
A commercial grade is XY022 (0. 65MI, 0. 911 g/cc), a general-purpose blown-
High dartimact film resin for heavy duty
Bags and industrial packaging.
And commercial isxyoo (2. 25 MI, 0. 910 g/cc)
Designed for the core of actor coextrudedstretch\'s film.
It is said to have the same performance as the regular hexene grade, but it also allows for higher stretching (300-
350% prestrechvs. the usual 250-300%)
Due to the very low gel content.
The upcoming XY024 and XY026 (0. 35 and 0.
55 miles, 0, respectively. 9 18 g/cc)
Used to blow shrink film.
It is said that their TDshrink performance is related to traditional scores-melt LDPEs.
However, their physical performance is much better
1 can be used instead of the LDPE dlp film.
Montell claims that XY024 or xy026, 25 miles, and maintain the same overall performance.
It is reported that the TD shrinkage properties of these Quattropolymers polymers will also allow the processor to replace the low density polyethylene/llannan mixture with a single resin without sacrificing performance.
It is said that XY024 and XY026 are also better than the traditional 0. 925-0.
930g/Kenting and super-
Applications requiring high stiffness or tensile strength.
Xy024 is reported to work well in very thin places
High TD break strength is an important gauge liner.
XY026 has a secondary application in the product
A good combination of optics and the openness of the bag is important.
This also makes a difficult heavy
Industrial bags. \'Single-
Site\' breaks through another new class of thin film resin, which comes from the emerging \"single resin\" category
\"Site\" catalyst for non-Maoming metals. \"Single-
\"Site\" refers to the fact that these catalysts are capable of producing highly uniform resins with narrow MWD, similar to dimerates.
Resin made of new monomer
It is said that the field technology combines the traditional Z-
The catalytic action of metal loceneresins with narrow MWD and higher performance.
In addition, it is reported that the new catalyst provides more flexibility for catalyst molecules. Says Dr.
Mark Mack, director of Catalyst and process research and development at Equistar, said, \"They allow the integration of different monomer, including polar monomer, together --
It is possible to manufacture pressure systems for new polymers with enhanced functionality.
Equistar found one.
On-site technology, which enables two high levels of development
Strength and ease
Processing HDPEfilm resin.
New \"Star\" single
On-site technology can produce materials, it is said to have overcome many of the defects of previous mhdpeattemps, as well as the processing properties compared to traditional cycles
Chromium pastecatalyst HDPE.
Equistar is looking for processors interested in sampling this demo technology in the first quarter of this year.
According to Mack, Equistar uses a small amount of undisclosed alpha-
Production of 1-olefin monomer
The grade of MI High Density Polyethylene film is very narrow. The high-
Strength version generated 1-
Mil Film with double puncture resistance of conventional high density polyethylene, plus MD tear and equivalent tensile strength of 50%.
Due to the low bubble stability, Equistar believes that this grade is mainly suitable for mixing or co-extrusion with mLLDPE to increase puncture or tear resistance. The easy-
Equistar\'s new processing variant for high density polyethylene production a1
Mil Film that matches the bubble stability of chromium-catalyst,loop-slurry HDPE.
Although puncture, impact and tear strength only improved slightly, MD tear is still more than 50% higher than the conventional level.
In a typical high density polyethylene blown film, it can be used as a neat resin.
Mack pointed out that new catalysts can achieve higher strength and improved processing performance, but can only be achieved by reducing density.
Equistar\'s goal, he says, is a series of Star singles.
Pipe and roll-molded products from high density polyethylene to llannan, as well as highclarity, high-
Performance of LLDPE film.
Nova Chemicals has a new non
Catalyst that is very compatible with advanced Sclairtech process, can be from Z-N catalysts.
The initial focus is onocene LLDPEs of 0. 905-0.
The vlp can be replaced by 915g/cc, and the llannan is 0.
925 density, mLLDPE is 0. 935 density.
Early development grade of 0.
The definition of 918g/cc is very high (
Less than 4% smog)
For special food packaging such as liquid bags and fresh food
Cut the production bag.
Opportunities for MDPE and high density polyethylene will also be pursued.
In the past three years, Eastman Chemical has launched a series of new hexene-LLDPE film-
Resin series made of BP gas
Proprietary technology of Phaseprocess and isenergx catalyst.
Although Eastman does not describe the features of the catalyst, it seems to provide some singlesite-
Performance attributes, for example.
Eastman started with Tenite Hifor high from 1997-
Toughness grade (0. 917-0. 918 g/cc)
And Mxsten low density resin (0. 905-0. 914 g/cc)
Actors and film blowing.
A year later, they were blown up by hivorclear. film grades (0. 85 MI, 0. 917 g/cc)
Combines high definition (4.
2% haze, 83 gloss)
High toughness (
Dart impact 350g)
Tear strength of MD (375 g/mil).
It was high at about the same time-
Adhesive blowing and casting grade of stretch film (0. 7to 2. 3 MI, 0. 907 to 0. 915 g/cc).
They have a better puncture resistance of 25% compared to the competing llannan/ULDPE mixture.
Eastman\'s Mxsten CV family is only one year old --
Made of the BP process and the eastman proprietary catalyst, llannan \"plaster \".
The nine grades of blown and cast film have a better strength balance than mLLDPEs.
Their MIs is 0. 5to 3.
2 and density 0. 905 to 0. 914.
They are related to ULDPE, Metallocene paste, and high-comonomer (6-10%)EVA.
The latest family Hifor Xtreme has a very low seal
Starting temperature combined with high stiffness, high definition and high MD tear resistance.
It is aimed at high
Performance Food packaging and sanitary film, and use from industrial packaging and commodity bags to cross packaging
Laminated and agricultural film.
The customer test showed that it beat the competitor\'s dart-
Impact strength even under 25% thin specifications.
It has a 7% smoke and a 70 gloss reading. Various blown-and cast-
The density of the film formula is 0. 917 and 0.
926g/cc, MIs is 0. 5-0. 85.
There will be more. . .
DuPont announced in 1996 that it has developed a new generation of costs-effective, non-
Site catalyst for producing arrows
From linear, high-
High Crystal
Density polymer of highly supported amorphous resin.
This new technology includes two types of non-Ziegler-Natta single-sitecatalysts.
One is the family of nickel/Palladium di-
It is possible to produce an imine catalyst for film and molding of llldpe.
The second family of Versipolcatalyst is iron/cobalt (Fe/Co)
It is said that the type of high linear polymer with high crystalline degree is produced, as well as the unusual combination of density, stiffness and moisture barrier.
Versipol catalyst may be useful in gas
Phase, solution and slurry-loop processes.
All three countries are developing.
Some members of the Fe/Co catalyst family produce linear α-olefins (LAO)
Directly from ethylene.
According to David A, technical director, the uniqueness of the Versipol family.
Holmes is a variety of polymers that they can produce only from ethylene, including unique structures that are expected to show favorable flow and performance curves.
\"We believe that Versipol technology can go beyond the metal polymer in its performance/performance profile,\" Holmes said . \".
Thanks to the breadth of the technology, DuPont has been looking for a suitable partner in the Polyolefine industry.
James E. , business manager, said some independent licensing agreements are now being considered. Smith.
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