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clopay: we\'ll make this easy; bring us your toughest challenge and we\'ll customize a solution for you. (2002 expo in print).

by:Mingtao      2020-12-31
Clopay Plastic Products is a global leader in the development and supply of high performance polymers
Film and composite structures for personal care and healthcare applications.
More than 40 years ago, we started the development of cloth.
Plastic film like relief, and added beauty to many personal care products.
Clopay comfort film combines plastic film with non-woven material to make cloth
It\'s like a quiet soft structure.
In addition, our breathable plastic film and lamination solutions provide airflow and moisture transmission that is critical to many terminals
Use other than personal care products.
Clopay plastics products has developed into a global leader in Polymer Engineering, precision film extrusion and lamination.
We work independently and work with our customers to continuously expand our chemical and physical understanding of film and laminating processes, properties and applications.
This means that no matter what your industry is, we can use it.
Expand the experience base and design customized solutions to meet your specific needs.
In hundreds of existing applications, Clopay Plastic makes life safer, healthier and more comfortable
Engineering solutions capable of providing a unique combination of performance features that meet or exceed specific proprietary requirements.
Healthcare we are the main supplier of market leaders who require highly specific film and laminate products for a single product
Use a surgical gown, curtain and instrument cover.
All products can be designed to combine specific barrier properties with drapability, breathability and strength.
Certified by ISO 9001.
Our years of successful innovation experience and records have made us the preferred supplier of global market leaders for disposable diapers, adult incontinence products, female napkins and other personal care related products.
We pioneered the breathable film and lamination technology for the production of fabrics
Enable our customers to produce strong, beautiful and comfortable personal care products.
In addition, any Clopay film or non-woven material can be laminated into a single market
Specific solutions.
We invite you to explore the possibilities of working with Clopay and discover unlimited opportunities.
Bring us the most difficult challenges.
Believe in our experience
And rely on Clopay to find real solutions in your world.
Clopay Plastic Products, 312 Ste Walnut Street.
1600 Cincinnati OH 45202 Tel: 800-282-2860 Fax: 513-762-3965 www. clopya.
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