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company\'s work in medical packaging opens up room for promising growth

by:Mingtao      2020-12-19
Thomas Rata, assistant Scottish physician, is said to have used intravenous injections (IV)
During the global cholera epidemic in 1833, patients were rescued with normal saline.
Since then, thanks to the discovery of new drugs and materials, blood transfusion and intravenous infusion therapy have become part of modern medicine.
Today, intravenous therapy is being used all over the world.
Seeing the opportunity, Loke Khing Hong, director of Sdn Bhd, a medical device company, established the company in 2007 to produce an important part of intravenous therapy
Drug packaging bags.
Intravenous injection refers to \"intra-venous\", and these therapies are often referred to as drip drops, because many systems use drip Chambers to prevent air from entering the blood flow and allow an estimate of the flow rate.
IV bags are used to correct electrolyte imbalances, to deliver drugs, to blood transfusion or to replace liquids, such as to correct dehydration.
The company produces flexible medical solution bags of all sizes, with a capacity of between 50 ml and 6 liters.
These 50 ml to 1 liter bags are used for intravenous drip with salt water.
Three liters of bags for irrigation (
Washing activity during surgery)
The capacity of the belly bag is two liters, five liters and six liters.
Their first foreign transaction was to provide 40,000 metabolic solution bags to Australia in November 2011.
\"We visited our customers in Melbourne in May 2011 and applied for certificate of origin to the ASEAN-affiliated Ministry of International Trade and IndustryAustralia-
New Zealand free trade agreement.
This experience has prompted us to enter other markets such as Singapore and Switzerland . \"
Other products of the company include a metabolic solution bag of 350 ml, 500 ml and a liter of capacity.
500 ml bags are usually used to provide water droplets containing calcium for cows who have just delivered.
\"When the demand for calcium in milk production exceeds their body\'s ability to mobilize calcium reserves, cows produce\" milk heat \"and therefore require calcium drops.
We export about 500,000 bags to Australia every year . \"
Locally, the company offers 300,000 to 500,000 bags per year to manufacturers of various local medical solutions.
Loke said he believes there is potential for growth in IV solution usage and expects about 1 liter of IV solution per person per year and to grow as the population grows.
Consider it a recession
Loke, a certified public accountant with experience in finance and risk management, said he had set up a company with a capital RM500 with an Italian partner.
The partner who helped set up the medical equipment manufacturing plant then sold his stake to Locke in 2010, making it a fully owned local company.
Starting with two employees, the company now has 10 employees
Engineer, production manager, quality inspector and production operator.
Workers handle two printing and cutting machines and two RF welders in one and a half spaces
Located in an automated manufacturing environment of a 6,000 square foot light industrial plant.
Imported Medical devices-
Grade PVC film and tube for making bags in \"100 k clean room.
This means that there are only 100,000 particles in a cubic meter of air, while in conventional air, there are usually only 35 million particles per cubic meter.
In order to meet the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia guidelines, the company\'s manufacturing standards must be high, which defines the requirements for the qualitative and quantitative components of the drug, testing of drugs and the substances and materials used in their production.
\"Our clients, including the German medical giant Borang group, audit us.
\"They check whether there is positive pressure in the clean room, whether the raw materials are in line with European guidelines, and whether other conditions are met,\" he said . \".
In order to increase hygiene, pharmaceutical customers disinfect the bags after filling the bag solution, Loke said.
Called Terminal disinfection, the bag with solution is disinfected for 15 minutes at 121 °c.
Both quality and quantity are important, Locke said.
The company\'s production machinery can be configured to manufacture one.
2 million bags of various specifications per year, the total defective rate is less than 0. 5% .
Recently, the company received a loan from SME banks to buy another machine that can produce between 5 and 6 million bags a year to improve its production capacity.
As the business continues to evolve, the company will transform from a pharmaceutical packaging manufacturer to a contract manufacturing center for medical devices and medicines.
In September 2012, the company was selected by the government\'s performance management and delivery department as one of the companies involved in the national key economic zone for healthcare under the Malaysian Economic Transformation Program (ETP).
One of the goals of the ETP healthcare sector is to make Malaysia high-
The value of medical devices.
The target is a total investment of 88 yuan. 6mil in the medical field-
Equipment manufacturing, rm301.
Gross national income of 6 million and create 90 high-
Income work by 2020.
\"We are developing a dialysis product for continuous bed-free peritoneal dialysis treatment, an alternative kidney treatment with a budget of up to £ 2014, recently promoted by the Ministry of Health,\" he said . \".
In the 2014 budget, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced that the government will provide free CAPD treatment packages for patients with ending symptoms, each of which costs
Enable them to receive treatment at home.
In 2010, the company received a meta-grant from the Cradle Fund cradle investment program commercial grant to build a small manufacturing facility for the product.
\"We also obtained patents from Malaysian Intellectual Property Corporation for the manufacture of medical devices for peritoneal dialysis and will apply to a Malaysian financial institution for an IP financing scheme, he said.
Currently, the company only produces empty bags that are later filled with intravenous, irrigation and peritoneal dialysis fluids.
Locke said the company plans to produce abdominal fluid in the future.
\"As part of the ETP program, we have acquired an acre of land in the south of Perak and will build a clean room of 5,000 to 6,000 square feet to produce these products, he said: \"Together with the film and pipe we are currently importing. \".
In addition, the company is currently involved in the manufacture of various bags led by an American company with operations in Singapore to automate the wearable artificial kidney project.
\"After the registration of the US Food and Drug Administration, this automatic wearable artificial kidney will be launched on the market by 2017 (FDA)
\"It\'s done,\" he said.
The company also worked with a group of Canadian kidney experts to develop a new dialysis solution for FDA registration.
In cooperation, the company will have ASEAN marketing rights by 2016 to introduce dialysis solutions and other technologies.
In addition, Locke also said that as the company\'s production capacity increases, they will also venture to produce blood bags.
These bags are used to store whole blood (
Is the untreated blood combined with the anti-agent during the collection process).
\"With the development of the company, we will explore the listing of alternative investments in the GreTai Securities Market in Thailand or Taiwan by 2017,\" he said . \".
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