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creating a safer warehouse workspace

by:Mingtao      2020-12-28
A safe working environment is of great concern to employers.
In addition to the human suffering and suffering caused by harm, there are bottom line factors that need to be considered.
The simple fact is that when the workplace is safer, the company\'s spending on workers\' pay is reduced.
This is especially true for companies with warehouses and transport facilities.
While the company is motivated to make the workplace safer for its employees, they do not know the steps to achieve this.
More and more manufacturing companies have found answers in ergonomics.
The transportation and packaging equipment is designed, and the safety and efficiency are improved at the same time.
Packaging, in particular, is an area of warehouses and poses many challenges to the safety of employees.
There are many products that can make packaging on a large scale safer and more efficient while providing peace of mind and return on investment.
At the beginning of the packaging process, there are case manufacturers, build cases and seal the machines at the bottom, saving employees the time and effort of the process.
Case makers improve the efficiency of case production and become more ergonomic and risky
Free, more or less eliminates the chance of repetitionuse injuries.
The latest case erector models such as 2-
EZ Case Erector/bottom sealer has many ergonomic features including slidesout tapehead (
Easy replacement and maintenance of tape), a walk-
Case Magazine (
Allows employees to safely load cases into the machine while the machine is still running)
, A simple adjustment system without tools.
With the improvement of the efficiency and safety of the new case Undertaker, the return period is usually shorter than one year.
In the process of packaging, the following case erecers are case sealers, which will automatically apply tamper-proof safety tape to the package to protect the items on the package from theft, while preventing due
After the box sealing machine, the labeling system can provide additional security for the carton by printing the barcode, which will include specific information about the contents of the package.
Therefore, a short electronic scan at the receiving end can detect whether the carton is broken, because there will be a description of the content, as well as the weight of the shipping carton, on the scan reading.
The automatic labeling system provides financial security for manufacturers/distributors and consignees by accurately accounting for the goods shipped and the goods to be received.
Behind the packaging line is the stacker, which also helps to improve efficiency and safety.
As the name suggests, the stacker loads the stock and sealed boxes onto the pallets for shipment.
Using the stacker eliminates the damage caused by lifting the heavy case to the waiting tray and speeds up the pallet loading process by providing medium to high productsfeed options.
In addition to the benefits offered by the stacker, the new cardboard tray is a safer, cheaper alternative to traditional wooden pallets.
Because the weight of the cardboard tray is less than 20 pounds (
Weight of wooden pallet close to 70)
They have little risk of injury due to lifting;
They do not contain debris, dangerous edges, insects, or, most importantly, many wooden pallets do contain toxic chemicals due to the need for fumigation.
Moreover, since they are light and easy to deconstruct and rebuild, their storage eliminates the potential danger of crumbling wooden pallet stacks.
At the end of the packaging process, there is a stretch packing machine to ensure that the loaded pallets are packed as safely as possible.
Rotating on the turntable at the end of the packaging line, the tray and its load are tightly combined in the stretch film to ensure that the load is properly maintained, and in the case of the tray shift, the employee will not be harmed.
Owners and managers who hope to use ergonomic mechanical automation will explore the world of integrated packaging systems well, thus improving efficiency and safety.
By doing so, they are likely to improve their staff
So the company will come back.
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