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obeikan to install new stretch film line ...

by:Mingtao      2020-12-26
Obeikan Investment Group will soon install a new stretch film production line recently purchased from Davis
Standard LLC as part of the business expansion.
Obeikan is one of the largest converters in the Middle East, leading the market in liquid packaging, flexible film, publishing and printing.
The new production line will further develop obekan\'s stretch film capabilities to accommodate customers throughout the region and the world.
Saad Alazwari, chief operating officer of the Obeikan group, said the decision to acquire Davis --
The standard line boils down to a reputation, value, support, and quality relationship, which was established in 2004 when the company started from Davis-
Standard Limited for plate coating applications. \"Davis-
Over the past four years, Standard has provided excellent support for existing production lines in our factory.
Davis\'s reputation-
Standards have been established in the market, the professional spirit of the staff, and our past experience in them, and we have decided to move forward on the second route.
\"The new line is a high line. output \"bleed-less\" 3-m-
Wide cast stretch film line.
It is designed to produce stretch rollers 5-500mm wide
Layer structure, net output per hour of 1,800 kg.
The line assembly consists of four air-
Cooling extruder, Cloeren feed block and casting film mould, resin loading system and related downstream equipment including infrared thickness gauge
Second, the tensile film collector and the fully automatic coil processing system.
According to Davis
Middle East sales manager, Davis Adnan Bdour Standard Company-
Standard\'s business in the region is growing rapidly.
\"Due to factors such as lower energy prices, lower resin costs, reasonable labor costs, etc. , Zhongdong is becoming one of the largest plastic product manufacturing areas in the world,\" Bdour said . \".
\"The acquisition of Obeikan has further consolidated our presence here.
They are a major participant and we look forward to supporting their business objectives by installing this new line.
\"The Obeikan Investment Group is one of the most famous organizations in Saudi Arabia.
Obeikan printing is the first business of the group.
The next business within the group is obekan packaging.
On 1993, the first obecan package appeared on the supermarket shelves.
The company adopts computer-based design and
Ensure working samples of the most effective package size.
Today, the annual printing capacity of Obeikan is over 20,000 tons, involving 400 national and international products.
In the middle of December 2001, Sheikh obecan gray bottom, one, Sheikh obecan packaging branch obtained ISO 9001
2000 certified by the leading management system registrar of the North American Institute of Quality Management.
Other businesses within the group are: Obeikan Flexible packaging: A significant investment in machinery, technology and human resources has created in the group costs and services in every area of this competitive sector of food packaging, drug packaging, beverage and foil covers.
Elopak Obeikan: The group expanded to liquid packaging in 1994 and claimed to have occupied 35 of the Saudi market in the first year.
In 1997 Elopak international events, it was merged with Obeikan liquid packaging company through a joint venture called Elopak Obeikan Ltd.
This is another step for Obeikan to provide overall packaging solutions for customers in the Arab world and the Middle East.
SIG Combibloc: It was established in 2001 and is a joint venture between Obeikan Industrial Investment Group and SIG Combibloc Germany, aiming to trade longevity juice machinery and systems.
Obeikan paper mill: production of a newly established greenfield factory-and two-
Side coated duplex plates obtained from recycled waste paper collected in Saudi Arabia.
With a total investment of over $0. 15 billion, the total saleable capacity is 150,000 tons per year.
The project is stocked by five elements (
Kraft pulp, mixed waste paper, old corrugated carton, office mixed paper, old news paper).
Obecan San goban Performance Plastic: The latest Department of the group, specializing in the production of beautiful light tents-
Like the shape that covers a large area, there is no need for a post or bracket.
This material is also used in different industrial applications that rely on fiberglass coated with PTFC and PVC.
Integrated Packaging System: The company operates in the free zone of Dubai Airport, UAE, and is a joint venture between Obeikan Industrial Investment Group and Malta MGE Mediterranean and Gulf Engineering Co. , Ltd.
IPS participate in the sales and marketing of different types of liquid packaging systems.
The main principles are: engineering, Katana, Federal, Chi TE and KF.
Obekan publishers and book sellers are also a group company.
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