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shoppers shocked to find products heavily wrapped in ...

by:Mingtao      2020-12-21
Shoppers expressed anger at plastic packaging found on carrots and milk, when supermarkets banned customers from using plastic bags for free.
Tasmanian woman Veronika Ross shared an image with social media after finding a single carrot wrapped in plastic at a grocery store.
This is not the only thing in the store. . .
But that\'s the most ridiculous, \"she told ABC.
Bananas, milk and cucumbers are among the other items sold in unnecessary plastic packaging.
32-year-old Heath Delin posted a photo of a 3L bottle on a storage car in Woolworths, Pacific Epping, Victoria on Sunday.
Woolworth claims to reduce the use of plastic by getting rid of disposable plastic shopping bags, please explain why you have switched from reusable milk crates to disposable heat shrink plastic wrap? Read the Post.
Can these plastic shrink packaging be recycled?
Last year, the supermarket giant banned customers from all shops in Australia from using free plastic bags and replaced them with larger plastic bags that must be purchased.
He told the news that I wouldn\'t say I was irritated, but I was confused and surprised at why this change was implemented. com. au.
Mr. Deering said that this was the first time he had seen milk packed in plastic, not milk packed in milk cartons.
If this is the right material, if it is done correctly at the store level, I just think that considering
It\'s plastic sports, he said.
His post received dozens of responses, one of which was the milk company packaging the product in plastic.
Others, however, say shrinking plastic makes it harder for employees to get their jobs done.
Fill in milk like this.
\"Believe me, this is not a Woolworth plan that will allow companies to spend longer on Labor,\" one person familiar with the matter wrote . \".
Another netizen commented: \"double the time to store milk . \"
On Wednesday, an angry customer attacked the supermarket on Facebook for accepting the product because it \"packed unnecessary plastic \".
The customer wrote that it would be very simple to specify what packaging is acceptable and what packaging is not, just like milk, bananas and fruits and vegetables packed in plastic.
\"When Woolworth people have so much say in what they will store and sell, it is too easy and unacceptable to pass the ridiculous packaging on to others.
The supermarket giant was also attacked for using plastic packaging on fruits, vegetables and even meat.
Customers posted angry images on Facebook showing plastic-covered potatoes, bananas, cucumbers and steaks.
On July 4, an angry customer questioned the double packaging of the steak on Woolworths\'s Facebook page.
When we need to reduce the plastic, why does the wool product need to put the steak in a sealed plastic and then in another plastic?
Asked the woman.
Chicken breast is the same, why do you insist on packing each one separately and then packing the whole package?
On June, another customer released a photo of a bunch of bananas.
Using plastic, the question is: \"Do you disagree that this is irresponsible plastic packaging, especially bananas ? \"?
On January, another woman posted a photo of a cucumber wrapped in plastic on Facebook. \'With the ever-
The growing single problem
With plastic waste, why should cucumbers be wrapped separately? \' she asked.
\"Nature provides its own packaging and there is no need to add it.
\"It\'s good to throw away plastic bags and promise to take out straws from sales is great, but that\'s ridiculous.
Woolworths responded by saying the company is committed to reducing plastic packaging in stores.
Reported that so far, we have removed plastic wrap from kale, British spinach, organic scallions and replaced the plastic tray for sweet potatoes with recycled cardboard trays.
\"This package protects the quality of fruits and vegetables and extends their shelf life from farms, shops and customers.
\"In the past 12 months, we have produced 187 tons of plastic and our goal is to produce 350 tons of plastic by July.
A spokesman for Woolworth told the Australian Daily Mail that they understood that cutomers wanted them to reduce the plastic in the store and that they were working to do so.
Like all supermarkets, we accept milk for packaging and distribution as a supplier.
Once the goods are received, we will be careful to ensure that any packaging is recycled in an appropriate manner, the spokesman said.
\"Over the past 18 months, we have removed 535 tons of unnecessary plastic packaging in our product and bakery categories.
\"We also launched the REDcycle facility in stores across the country, allowing customers to return soft plastic from production items to our store for recycling.
\"Working with REDcycle, we now have nearly 500 tons of soft plastic re-used for useful items such as outdoor furniture and benches for community groups and shops.
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