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shrink or stretch? use and development of unitisation films in europe\'s packaging industry are growing steadily. what are the options, who are the players, and how are things changing?

by:Mingtao      2020-12-13
The combination of user pull and supplier push has a significant impact on the condition of the entire European packaging film market, especially the condition of the tensile film.
There\'s aknock in turn-
Impact on the more mature shrink film market.
Overall, the increase in film consumption is largely due to an increase in consumer capacity in Eastern and Eastern EuropeSoviet Union(CIS)
The catalyst and advanced polymer technology are producing materials with better performance.
Extrusion equipment suppliers also play a role in driving the market forward.
British consultant for application market information (AMI)
He said the shrink film and stretch film represent the market for more than 2 million tons of film in Europe.
The sort contraction that accounts for about 1 out of 3 of this number is in about 1-
Stretch filmswill average 2% a year, 4-
5%. the stretch cover market is expected to grow by more than 20% per year as of 2011.
AMI estimates that by 2011, stretch covers will account for 5% of the pallet unified market by 10%.
Traditionally, the growth of the market is at the expense of the shrink cover, but more and more erosion of pallet stretching applications.
Sabic Europe is one of the leading olefin suppliers in the European film market, and according to Sabic Europe, the demand for all pallet unitized films is 1.
38 million tons, is expected to grow at an annual rate of 3 tons.
8% to 1.
68 million tons in 2010.
Stretch Films dominate, accounting for 70% of the overall demand in 2005 by tonnage, accounting for 84% by the number of palletswrapped.
Sabic expects demand for all types of palletunitation films to grow by 3.
8% per year by 2010.
But with new movie installations in Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and other Eurasian Economic Union countries, the spectre of overcapacity in Europe is now imminent.
An example of this is the Italian company Manuli Stretch, the top-
The world ranking supplier whose ambitious plan is to have a large turnover of 0. 27 billion [euro]to 500million [euro]
Within five years.
Its plant in Leipzig will be expanded and a new plant will be opened in Russia.
The target capacity of the German factory is 100,000 tons/year, which the company says is already \"the most modern and competitive factory in Europe \".
Manulife also plans to expand its operations in North and South America and may expand its operations in India.
The Middle East also has a lot of switching power.
A business investment joint venture between Swedish processor Trioplast industrial company and theSaudi Mada group is setting up an actor stretch film factory in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
Production capacity is planned to reach 100,000 tons/year at about 2011.
Before the end of this year, two production lines with an annual output of 25,000 tons should be ready for use.
Most of the film is exported.
Danny Meerschaut, business manager at LLDPE at Sabic Europe, said that due to these new capabilities, \"Profit margins for all European players will remain below pressure and it is clear that the supply structure will go through
Some of the current players in the market are likely to withdraw from the business, either by divesting assets, failing finances, or exiting the market in order to focus on other areas.
Meerschaut said: \"Of all the PE used in Europe, 10% of the films are unified.
\"These films offer great value in the supply chain as they provide a high level of stability and load protection during transportationeffectively.
Meerschaut predicts that while the use of shrink film will continue to decline, both the use of stretch film and stretch cover will continue to grow.
\"Compared to the cost of shrinking films, the success of these stretch technologies is largely driven by the greater cost-effectiveness they bring to end-user customers,\" he notes . \".
Packaging and packaging waste legislation across Europe will put increasing pressure on terminals
Meerschaut further noted that the user can minimize the weight of the secondary packaging used, thus facilitating the use of tray stretch packaging and stretch cover, rather than shrink cover.
At present, most stretch films on the market are made on the streamer film production line, providing a better appearance for the film (
Clarity and gloss)
Compared with the blowing film, the stiffness of the winding is increased and the noise is reduced.
Stretch film produced by blowing film process--
20% of All stretch film production--
Excellent puncture resistance, good load retention, and low equipment investment costs benefit you a lot.
The stretch cover attracts attention the stretch cover is the tube generated during the blowing film, sealed at one end and stretched horizontally by a four-arm mechanical arm (30-80%)
And release by pallet loading.
This method of fixing the contents on the tray does not require further use of heat or natural gas, and can achieve rapid operation and savings in terms of the film used.
Stretch Hood is one of the fastest growing applications in palletpackaging (
The average annual growth rate in Europe is around 20%)
Due to its high packaging integrity and its flexibility in use in a variety of applications and products.
Both raw material producers and film converters have invested heavily in and developed in this area.
The objectives include thinner films, higher stretch levels, and films that follow the form and size of the uneven loading tray.
Material suppliers active in this area include most (if not all) in Europe, Basell, borebone, Dow, Exxon Mobile, pollimeri, Total and other regions)
Dow, for example, is currently fully commercialized its Versify paste and elastomer.
These are propylene.
Ethylene polymers made of a series of new catalysts that produce a controllable, narrow molecular weight distribution and a wide crystalline distribution.
The traditional stretch cover usually uses llannan in the outer layer, with ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)
Vinyl acrylic (EBA)
Provide the core of flexibility.
Sean Parkinson, a senior development expert at Dow, said at a recent professional plastic film conference organized by Maack Business Services in Zurich, versify can be used to make a hood with equal or better elasticity and with better tear strength and toughness.
The Versify level is also much lower density than EVAat near 0. 87 versus 0. 95 g/[cm. sup. 3]
Therefore, the film production per kilogram of polymer will increase.
Dow tested some covers made of PE/Versify co-extruded film on Maschinenfabrik Mollers, a German pallet packaging equipment producer.
The company reports that the Hood \"has the best look we \'ve ever achieved and has very impressive load stability.
We did the tilt test with 2.
1-meter-high tray heavy transport bag at 23 degrees angle;
Theload has not changed at all.
\"Basell, another olefin supplier, reported that its combination of Lucalen and Adflex advanced olefin resin had been successful in its use on the hood film.
It says that the elastic properties of the base polymer converter produce a film with excellent tensile properties.
The sealing performance and sealing quality are \"very good,\" Basell said \".
Film makerscan changes the amount of each resin in the formula, customizing key properties such as creep resistance and retention force based on tray load and climate.
Basell further noted that the combination of Lucalen with Adflex resin in the core layer can provide high resistance to puncture and tear propagation.
The market for finishing the shrink film is relatively stable, which is usually used to hold a small amount of packaging (such as mineral water bottles and cans) together.
Borekid, who provides various grades of borstar llllannan for this application, said that the development of shrink film was promoted as the market demand for beverages grew.
\"We expect the market to continue to grow as weight and thickness are further reduced --
Said one representative.
Earlier this year, AMI published a report on the European film market.
See Plastic Engineering, August 20076).
Suppliers of film extrusion equipment are also driving the development of the film market.
German 2 company brunkner, the most famous of which is the coaxial-oriented film series, is to a lesser extent streaming film and paper machinery, earlier this year, adtech Provera has added stretch film equipment in Italy through a sales and marketing agreement.
It will provide Adtech Provera casting film extrusion line and rewinding equipment for the LLDPE pallet stretch packaging.
The transaction extended the supply of brunkner\'s products (
With the acquisition of Kiefel, this is just expanding the scope, Kiefel produces blown film production lines and thermoforming equipment)
Gave Adtech a stronger global sales organization.
On April, the two companies held a meeting in Italy on stretch films, where they showed aseven-
Layer co-extrusion film line.
In Italy, Colines are also increasing its stretch film equipment to focus more on smaller converters.
Its new Handrollexline produces two-
Inch stretch film reels for direct online manual use, and three-
Inch reels for automatic equipment.
The compact layout allows for installation in reduced space.
From basic execution to full automatic execution, there are three different versions of linecomes. Davis-
Earlier this year, the standard introduced a new black ClawsonConverting machine
The M stretch film line runs between 610 and 670 m per minute and outputs two tons of material per hour.
According to Intertape, its first customer in the US, \"The only time we stopped was for routine mold grease cleaning.
\"Five extruder machines are used in the production line.
It includes a specially designed vacuum box, an oversized cold roller and optimized processing technology for stable edge pinning without edge encapsulation.
Trim is continuously recycled and fed back directly into the core extruder, eliminating the need for re-granulation or compaction.
The average scrap is around 0. 4percent.
However, for movie users, the device used to stretch a movie instead of making a movie makes everything different.
Mollersrescently introduces its HSA-
Vario automatic pallet transverse stretcher for stretch film covers for securing loads on pallets in all formats, 600 to 1300mm long and 800 to 1140mm wide.
It can handle various types of movies.
Pneumatic film opening system for film removal and patented stretch finger nesting
Enables the device to handle very small tubes of standard tubular stretch film sizes and high dimensionsstretch films.
The machine works by lateral stretching, which creates the strain force acting on the tray and the load generated entirely by the radial stretching of the tubular film.
M/Demers claims that when a highly scalable film is used (
Film that can be stretched to more than 250% of the original length), the HSA-
Vario can safely stretch pallets in various formats without changing the film, increase load stability, and achieve a film economy of up to 30%.
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