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Soft Glass Clear PVC Sheet For Table Cover


Soft glass clear PVC sheet applies to cover tables, desk, it is extremely transparent,the PVC crystal sheet with scientific design, the use of imported PVC new health and environmental protection materials.PVC crystal sheet resistance to compression characteristics; can be suitable for a variety of environments. PVC crystal sheet with non-toxic, soft and transparent, safe insulation, easy cleaning . PVC crystal sheet overall heat does not deformation, high temperature, chemical stability, non-sticky paint, not aging. PVC crystal sheet can be very long furniture life; effectively prevent burns, cuts, scratches and other external damage, so that your furniture is more protected. Many of the desk will be pressed a glass plate, easy to write, but now, a new type of soft glass PVC crystal sheet is replacing the glass to become the new darling of people. Work, it is widely used in electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food plants, garment factories, work platforms, machine surface a variety of office desktops. Family life, it is widely appear in the glass surface, can reflect the true nature of the glass, fashion, but also to prevent the glass furniture surface scratches. Soft glass PVC crystal sheet is PVC transparent soft board, is a high-quality plastic products.

1, the surface is smooth, no cracks, no bubbles, uniform color, with heat, cold, anti-aging, resistance to stress, resistance to strong acid, good light transmission. Long service life. To a certain extent, can replace the use of glass, its excellent is unparalleled glass. Especially the impact of soft glass, tensile characteristics, not only to ensure its long life, more importantly, do not cause harm to the human body.

2, soft texture, easy to write.

3, heat 100 ℃, cold -30 ℃, resistant to strong acid, alkali, resistance to stress, help improve the efficiency of desktop work, for the restaurant can reduce the cleaning costs, add the restaurant elegant and beautiful taste.

4, anti-static. Excellent electrical insulation, chemical properties of inert, non-toxic and tasteless, no adverse reactions to the human body, and has anti-radiation properties, can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity and dissipate static electricity.

5, its high toughness and high elasticity, paving or shop work surface can effectively play a role in shock absorption, to prevent precision products touch, strain, effectively protect the appearance of new products from damage. In the use of precision instruments on the desktop, it is essential products.

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