• Mingtao Plastic corporation is your one-stop shop for all your Clear PVC film & PE Stretch Film needs.

What about the scale of Mingtao Plastic?
Foshan Mingtao Plastic Co.,Ltd is a professional PE film supplier who mainly does business with small and medium-sized purchasers. With advanced production equipment and strong technology strength, we guarantee products to be of unique design and reliability in use. There are many professional and skilled employees in our company who have been devoted themselves to serving customers for years.

Foshan Mingtao Plastic Co., Ltd. is a fast developing enterprise focusing on the manufacturing of quality plastic protective film and marketing the product to overseas markets. Mingtao Plastic focuses on providing a variety of PVC film for customers. stretch film is trusted by customers because of their high quality and excellent performance. The product is known for its good shrinkage. The product is acid and alkali resistant. It has passed the test which requires it to be dipped into the acetic acid for more than hours. It is recyclable and has a low impact on the environment.

Being resource efficient not only helps our company cut costs, but also contributes to our environment. We let our stuff involve in energy saving plan: avoid wasting heat by keeping doors and windows closed when heating or air conditioning is running. Get quote!
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