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what is pre-stretched stretch film and what are the benefits?

by:Mingtao      2020-12-22
Take a rubber band and stretch it a little.
The remaining amount is about how much resistance the traditional stretch film has (
Refers to \"film\" or \"traditional film \")from now on. ).
Now, stretch the same rubber band to the point where it\'s not broken --
Until almost no more effort
You will understand that pre-stretched film.
A small amount of remaining donations means that fewer products will go further, and the pressure will be greatly reduced when users apply it. Pre-
The stretch film is extended to close to its final breakpoint before it is rolled up for final use.
This means that in order to achieve the same wrapping force, the film does not need much user energy as the standard film does.
This is a key reason before
Stretch Film is very popular for manual packaging.
In fact, with pre-
Stretch the packaging, the manual application can create the same load stability as the machine application.
The benefits of doing so are obvious.
Manufacturer create pre-
Stretch the film by mechanically stretching the film between 2 film rollers.
Self-secondary surface (larger)
The rollers rotate faster than the main rollers, and the film is pulled between them and expanded.
The resulting rolls are usually light and easy to handle, reducing the fatigue of the operator.
Due to the small torque, users can also benefit by walking
Winding technology forward helps prevent slipping and falling accidents.
In terms of material costs
Stretch film is much thinner than traditional film.
In the end, this reduces environmental waste, as operators use less material during the application process.
The main benefits include. . .
Basically, the user gets the same (or better)
Stabilize the load with less products, less physical energy and greater control.
The price can be less than half the cost of traditional movies.
This will save 25% of the cost-40%. No edge damage (No wasted rolls)
It has rolled the edges and blown the air into the roll to support the middle of the roll.
These two processes are combined to make it almost impossible to damage the edge of the roll when dropping the edge of the roll.
Since users discard traditional films and damage the edges, they are usually thrown away.
Easier to apply lower torque requirements, allowing the user to walk forward during the application rather than back
Safer and easier to control.
Also, there is little or no need to expand, so it is much easier to pack with less physical strength.
The roll is light (
About 2/3 less than traditional movies)
Easier to manage.
About half the thickness, twice the strength.
Film memory because the film is applied to the load at a very small force, it will naturally tighten after application.
This unique thin film memory and its tendency to tighten after application is pre-Stretch Film.
The traditional film does not provide a unified extension, so its performance is unpredictable;
This will cause intermittent load failure.
Performance of Pre-
Stretch film is more controllable.
Other benefits do not reduce the width during the tightening process, reduce the number of film packaging required, and increase productivity.
Excellent film attachment ensures that the tail of the film remains in place.
• Good film clarity that makes it easier to check the packaged products.
Excellent load retention provides better load stability.
It stabilizes the deformation and highlights the load.
• Perform well in extreme cold.
It helps to comply with packaging waste regulations
Less use means less processing. Most hand-
In order to make the film hard enough to withstand the changing load effectively, the film needs to be expanded at least 100 to 150%.
In reality, operators rarely expand more than 50% of the film in the packaging process.
Evaluation of physical packaging nationwide
Living conditions, found that the average person is less than 15%.
Choosing a distributor is not all pre-
Stretch stretch film is the same.
You\'ll want to find a dealer with expertise in purchasing power and packaging who knows the pros and cons of each type and will take the time to determine your exact needs.
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