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PVC Transparent windshield awnings material


PVC transparent windshield awnings as wind screens for residences and stores, offering wind and rain protection, with Velcro strap fasteners. Windshield awnings are commonly used in areas where protection from wind and rain is required, while their transparent material also allows for exterior view.

PVC windshield awnings are vertical functional windscreen systems without aluminium guide tracks, sealing the designated areas against wind inflow. The systems can be either manual or motorized. Maximum area coverage is 4.00m x 3.00m.

PVC windshield awnings, simple and easy installations for sealing areas such as balconies, patios and gardens. Create room, save energy, protect your space against wind and cold with our windshield awning systems!

Enjoy your outdoor spaces all year long thanks to our windshield awnings!

All the materials are constructed by us and are available for wholesale throughout the world.

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