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Transparent spherical PVC Inflatable Tents


Transparent spherical PVC inflatable tents look very unique, on the outside can have a closer contact with nature, so many people are very like the full transparent spherical tents, but the full transparent spherical inflatable tents have several kinds, the kind of the whole Transparent spherical tents better?

At present, there are three types of transparent spherical tent, one is inflatable transparent bubble PVC inflatable tents, the second is to build a transparent spherical tent, the third is a transparent structure of aluminum alloy glass ball tent, the three have their advantages and disadvantages:

1, Transparent bubble PVC inflatable tents

Transparent bubble tent looks very good, recently also have a lot of customer advice, its light weight, small size, easy to build, when needed in the bubble tent can be used immediately inflated, with a high degree of flexibility. But the lack of bubble tent in the use of the process need to have been inflated, or will affect the use of results, and the process of inflating the air blower easy to noise, affect the living experience!

In the practical aspects, the bubble tent is currently optional specifications, the material is the use of all PVC tarpaulin, with waterproof, wind, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant and other characteristics, can be outdoor shade rain, but the whole transparent tarpaulin Life than the conventional tarpaulin poor, and the temperature is too low tarpaulin is easy to be frozen tear, wind resistance is also poor, in general, the biggest drawback is the lack of practicality!

2, Transparent spherical PVC outdoor inflatable tents

The appearance of the whole transparent spherical canopy is also unique, but it is the use of reticulated shell structure needs to be built, although the spherical tent built simple and convenient, but the flexibility of the bubble tent is still slightly less, for the tent hotel or long-term fixed The use of the situation, but instead set up its advantages, just once to build a better resistance to wind, in the outdoor to 8-10 strong winds!
And the spherical tent has a variety of specifications to choose, Celtic can provide 3-100 meters diameter ball tent, to meet the needs of different outdoor applications. The tarpaulin has a waterproof, wind, anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant and other characteristics, but the whole transparent tarpaulin in the long-term use of outdoor life is also a poor problem, the choice of semi-transparent tarpaulin is a better choice. Overall, the spherical tent in the outdoor practical better, and the price and bubble tent difference!

3, Transparent glass ball tent

The overall structure of the glass ball tent and the spherical tent is not much difference, the same need to build, but the use of the material there will be a big difference between the two. Glass ball tent is the use of higher strength aluminum alloy frame, and the tent body with double glass to replace the traditional PVC tarpaulin, so that the glass ball has a more high-end appearance of the atmosphere, but also in the outdoors will have better resistance to wind, Weather capacity, are also suitable for use in some low-temperature areas, more comprehensive practical!

However, the only shortage of glass ball tent is the high cost, because it should use double glass cover, so the cost is much higher than the ordinary spherical tents, of course, can also choose aluminum frame plus transparent PC board, so the price will be relative Lower some!

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