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debbie travis: digital prints can add great design to fabric or tiles

by:Mingtao      2020-12-16
I have always liked the \"wow\" factor in the decoration.
It was a special boom in a room that made me smile and drew me in.
I found this at the Interior Design Show (IDS)
In Toronto last month.
The design is great, with natural materials, lots of recycling, and attractive textiles.
I will show you many of the highlights of this year\'s imagination feast in the upcoming column.
Today\'s theme is the miracle of digital printing.
For Nicole Piach, each surface looks like a blank canvas waiting to be personalized.
Her background in graphic, interior and environmental design provides Piach with tools to create products inspired by the use she sees at American fashion companies and textile companiesK.
Europe and Asia.
Piach\'s digital printing professional company produces a unique printable product range specially produced for the design field.
The privacy art boards of fabrics, wallpapers, murals, sound-absorbing art boards, ceramics and tiles, glass and lighting shades are all converted by custom colors, patterns or images.
Images can be drawn from anywhere
New or retro personal photos, stock photography, books, paintings, pictures, Internet.
Custom Fabrics are produced using a heat transfer process that \"blends\" the image into the fiber. Eco-
Friendly water
High color resolution based on paint, durable finished product, washable.
You can use these printed textiles anywhere.
Interior decor, curtains, padded and soundproof wall panels, and privacy screens.
Wallpaper continues to be popular, especially with large patterns applied to focus walls.
Texture is an important element.
The digital printing specialty has 14 different paper textures to enhance the mood of the image of your choice.
Some options: the texture of corduroy gives the paper a natural fabric feel;
The wrinkled surface presents the appearance of fine leather, suitable for study or office;
The smooth semi-gloss finish is perfect for the landscape;
Popular cracked plaster effect of adobe or Southwest decoration.
The proliferation of wall tiles has changed the face of the kitchen and bathroom today.
Added eyes to the tailgate and shower-
Draw the eye with the accent tiles used in your own or pattern.
The tiles on the tailgate seen here are drawn with dye sublimation process;
The image is transmitted by heat and penetrated into the surface of the tile.
The tiles provide the best reproduction, while the porcelain Venetian stone has a rolling old world look.
For glass tiles, the image is printed on the back.
The murals are created in one piece and then the tiles are cut according to the size you want.
Want some window privacy but still want natural light? Self-
This is how the adhesive printable window film is done.
Translucent film spreads light and objects while adding decorative features.
For glass shower doors, entrance doors and windows and side panels.
Colors can mimic colored glass or watercolors, all printed digitally on film.
I can\'t decide what to do first.
Get my favorite reading chair back or design a stylish wallpaper for the restaurant.
Home home is made by Debbie Travis and Barbara Dingle.
Please email us your question with house2home @ debbietravis. com.
You can follow Debbie on @ debbie_travis or www. debbietravis. com.
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