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happy new year - here come the wrapping paper police: richard littlejohn on how the concept of \'public services\' is a sick joke

by:Mingtao      2020-12-31
It is believed that the recovery of Nazis will find a way to make Christmas a crime.
They announced late that they would not collect millions of tons of this \"wrong\" wrapping paper.
Clearly, holiday cards and paper made from sparkling \"contaminated\" garbage are only suitable for landfill.
Some types of cardboard are also significantly dangerous for polar bears, especially if they are sealed with adhesive tape.
As for tinfoil, plastic gadgets, and paper towels with traces of shredded meat pies or figurine pudding, forget it.
You might as well fill your bin with nuclear waste.
Parliament from Hampshire and Exeter to the south of tyndside has announced that cleaners will not take away any eco-friendly wrapping paper for collection.
It is speculated that they will send a strike team of uniformed inspectors to screen garbage bins for illegal items.
Otherwise, how do they know what horror is hidden under the ruins of Christmas?
You may misunderstand that you have tried to sort the garbage into up to seven different containers. More fool you.
What you should also do is do a \"scan\" test to see if your wrapping paper and box can be recycled.
This includes breaking things in your hand.
Recycling can be safe if it continues to screw up.
If it bounces back, it is likely to contain some kind of metallic plastic film, so it is verboten.
Rogue debris with sticky tape, flash or tinfoil tincture agent is enough to make sure you foul with the wrapping paper police.
Of course, they did not bother to impart this important information until after the event.
This is because their purpose is not to help us recycle, but to drive us out.
Once they have discovered the infringement, you can bet your life will be subject to a huge fine.
There is nothing more to enjoy these greedy, busybody jobs than to improve their coffers by posting exciting and forever penalty notices
The ever-expanding \"environmental crisis \".
One of the reasons for doing so
The charter known as Snoopy has encountered so many reasonable objections, not because it has given interesting people and-
The terrorist boy has the ability to monitor the phone records and Internet activities of the jihadist.
This is because the rules have expanded to allow tin pot tyrants in the town hall to be militarily --
Style monitoring of people suspected of minor crimes
Social, like getting their dog foul.
How many more?
If you give these people a little authority, they will abuse it forever.
Instead of investing that money in making our lives easier
For example, buy a modern recycling machine that automatically separates different types of garbage
They used it to expand their empire.
As I have told you over the years, we live in an advanced culture of punishment designed to reverse the relationship between the paying public and others
It is called \"civil servant \".
Regarding our crazy system of garbage collection and recycling, I may have received more letters and emails than anything else.
From the Council to the Council, these people have different levels of madness, but they are all about picking our pockets and causing us the greatest inconvenience.
The only topic that often approaches is the war against drivers, whether it\'s plagiarism
Reduced road space and provision of abandoned bicycle lanes;
The \"traffic noise\" turned most of the streets of our city into crazy golf courses;
Or actively implement parking restrictions.
No place to get frustrated more often than NHS parking
If you can find a space
You \'d better be treated as a cash cow and the worst as a criminal.
A few years ago, I wrote an article about visiting my mom at a hospital in Michigan.
When I arrived, I was impressed by valet parking at the front door.
A good idea.
When you rush to see a sick relative, or make an appointment for an urgent appointment, you have better things to do than find a parking space --
Or worry about going out in time to avoid paying high fines.
The price is half as cheap as $5.
You can forget to park your valet in the UK.
It\'s easier for you to hit wheels-clampers.
OK, so there is no room for valet parking at all of our NHS hospitals.
But as pressure, we are obliged to visit the hospital.
As free as possible.
I admit there must be a system to stop shoppers and commuters from blocking the parking lot of the hospital.
But, for sure, the wisdom of the NHS bureaucracy is not beyond, and they come up with an easy system to verify parking tickets for real patients and tourists.
Providing parking to private operators will only make things ten times worse.
In most cases, these
The company known as \"decent\" is not better than the back street cowboy.
This week\'s Daily Mail revealed how hospital visitors took the bus.
A woman receives X-at Ridgefield hospital-
Ray got a £ 70 ticket for staying only 13 seconds within the specified time.
Even before arriving at the parking lot, patients visiting the Royal Liberty Hospital in London will be charged.
When they were in line, their number plate was locked by the camera.
This evil CCTV system is reminiscent
Security prison, not hospital.
Normally, there is no parking space once entered.
Nevertheless, the driver\'s time to find a parking spot before leaving is still charged.
Last year, the NHS trust set a record 0. 12 billion for parking fees.
But private law enforcement companies they hire can keep all their fines.
This gives them an obvious motivation to resort to trapping, excessive punishment and deception-of-hand.
In response to the sharp practice at British airports, they even imposed fines on volunteer ambulance drivers who sent patients.
Interestingly, those who speak out about the NHS\'s \"free at the point of use\" seem to have been blindly robbed of patients and tourists and fined drivers for up to a week\'s disposable income hospital parking lot.
I\'m sorry to end the year in an unpleasant way, but every time I hear our pretentious politician banging on the \"world\" I can\'t be the only one with a stomach upset
Public Service.
From the NHS to refusing to collect money, the concept of \"public service\" is a disgusting joke --
This is a smokescreen that masks the frustrating reality that these organizations operate purely for the benefit of the people who work in these organizations, not for the Cup that pays wages.
If you still doubt this, just consider the seasonal contempt messages each issued by those who control the garbage collection \"service\" and hospital parking.
Maybe they should get rid of the middleman and let\'s recycle everything in the paid special binand-
Show NHS parking.
Then they can punish us twice in the same place. Happy New Year. You’re nicked.
The reason why this column has so many stupid dog stories is because I know you all like Gary\'s wonderful animal cartoons very much.
So I can\'t help but bring you the latest announcement from RSPCA.
This year, one of the more bizarre actions taken by the company\'s officials was to rescue a sheep trapped in a traffic cone in Haford County.
I don\'t know if this sheep is going out on Bucks night with a bunch of Oompa Loompas.
They were also asked to release a snake trapped in a vacuum cleaner and a shernari named Bruno, who managed to get his head stuck between some fence railings.
That\'s what dogs do.
My favorite is a seagull, which fell into the curry bucket and turned orange.
Can we be sure this is an accident?
There are plenty of stories this year about seagulls intimidating vacationers, pinging and stealing their fish and chips at seaside resorts.
Perhaps this time Jonathan Livingston gulls took a bite, he decided to try his luck in a failed crush and raid an Indian restaurant, and finally he appeared on the menu as the dish of the day.
I \'ve heard of orange ducks, so why not seagulls? . .
Call me a poor old git, but how long can Christmas last?
This week, I received a stock response from an email saying that the recipient would not be able to return to the office until January 10.
Regardless of the traditional 12 days, the festival seems to be dragged from the Christmas tree in shops and hotels in August to see Easter eggs for the first time in February.
Tom Robinson sings so well and is not true: I have given up reading the newspaper and I have given up watching TV. . .
If I see another hack review from 2016, or do not see the year ahead, I will lose my will to live.
If you want a New Year\'s resolution, then you are in the wrong place.
I have only one sincere wish for 2017.
If I was desperate, it would be eager hope that I would never read another \"news\" story that started: The Twitter storm broke out last night. . .
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