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home front

by:Mingtao      2020-12-29
Anne Groo and Yula Connes help you achieve family happiness every week.
Is there a problem with decoration?
They would be happy to come up with their paint chip and suggest the perfect shade and call the retailer to help track down a tough --to-
Find the accent section or provide someit-yourself (or call-in-a-pro)advice.
They can even help you deal with eternal pets
War of furniture
Built on years of reporting experience, Home Front is an online conversation between two longtime Washington Post Family writers and their readers who discuss the best way to chicken nest.
From cheap shopping to live handling, from antiques to armchairs, they invite all of you to submit questions and share your own great tips, ideas, and yes, occasional complaints.
You can also browse the archives of previous family discussions.
Anne Groo: Good morning, everyone. . .
Jura is still on holiday after moving from Beverly Hills to Vermont (grrr. . . . )
She\'s coming back with us next week.
For those of you who have seen today\'s family section and our colleague Emily Meisner\'s $5,000 kitchen makeover, I can also suggest that you look at the $50,000 airflow trailer combined with the design at home. I want one. Badly. And you?
Hi, Annie and Jura--
I had a very small bedroom with a very large round clothes basket that took up a lot of space and looked awkward.
I \'ve been looking for a corner basket that\'s more out of the way for months, but the only thing I can find is a cheesy plastic basket.
I know this is a very specific question, but do you know where I can find a nice corner basket?
I looked at all kinds of shops. -
Bed and bathroom, Wicker shop, Ikea, your name.
You have helped me a lot in the past and I hope you or those who are chattering will get the answer. Thanks!
Annie Groer: Yes, it\'s specific, but that\'s the purpose of your design Divas.
Two websites will pop up immediately. www. organize-it-online.
Com has a natural wicker for $72.
99 plus freight
You can draw this color if you don\'t like it. www. Stacksandstacks.
Com\'s Wicker model is slightly different for $139.
Write down the two websites.
They are filled with cool storage items.
Washington, DC: I hope you can help me with this!
In two weeks, I will move to a lovely old house that is much bigger than my current house.
There are a few pieces of art hanging on the wall, but I want to find more.
I would like to avoid designing only posters or prints but with a limited budget.
Is there a good place in the area to look for original art, or even frameless, for $300 or less? Thanks!
Annie Groo: it\'s good that you want the original.
Try all the common thrift and consignment shops in the area. . .
There are, of course, yard sales, real estate sales and flea markets.
I just bought a pair of beautiful old hands.
Thai painting, made of silk in a gold plated frame for $5.
The mat is messy, so it may take another $25 to replace it, but this is a steal for the original frame art.
Corcoran College of Art and Design occasionally sells students, as does the special arts in the city center. All affordable.
Help from the bathroom!
Ladies, I hope you can give me some ideas.
I have a serious problem with the fixtures in my bathtub.
I think it\'s leaking.
I think there may be mold behind the tile as the caulking agent turns gray/black in some places.
I am renting a house and my landlord is not the most helpful person.
What should I do to make my poor little rent r spend a big bucket of money?
Annie Groer and Jura Koncius: It does sound like mold in the back, and if you think there is a leak, someone lives under you and asks if there is water damage to their unit.
Also, call the Washington housing inspector and ask if you can get a city official to visit.
Mold is a serious health hazard and you should not pay to reduce or have to endure it.
Washington, DC: Hi Annie.
I have a small make-up room with a bit of light inside, a white toilet and sink, and beige tiles from the floor to half the wall.
I can\'t change the tiles but I can paint the walls.
Do you have any color suggestions?
My friend suggested dark green but it looks too old. fashioned.
Anne Groo and Yula Conis: Dear DC-
You can try the blue color like Durham\'s sky or atmosphere.
Chocolate Brown is also possible.
Black beans from Durham
Or you can have a little fun with wallpaper, maybe a regular stripe or print with beige.
Hello ladies, I am trying to beautify my backyard for summer enjoyment and I have everything I need besides an umbrella.
My desk doesn\'t have a center hole so I can\'t put my umbrella in for sun protection.
Do you or your readers know the discount for buying independent umbrellas with very good quality?
Where is it in Carolina? ?
Thanks for any suggestions from sannie Groer and Jura Koncius: can\'t talk about Karolina but I will try Costco, Wal-
Those of arc\'s Mart and Kmart
Type of standard.
If any of you duck/NagsHead and other Carolina types can be geographically more specific, please chime in.
Boy, am I excited when I see the kitchen redecorated
Cost under $5000!
That said, until I read that her \"uncle and cousins\" did all the electrical work!
For those in the family who do not have contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc, there will be a lot more renovations.
I just think it\'s a little frustrating. misleading? )
Advertise this article as something anyone can do, and when they don\'t have expertise on their own, they do have family experts to help them. . .
It\'s true. . . Good point.
$75 an hour, they may have saved thousands of dollars.
I passed it to the editor.
However, you may want to know that this is not as much as it looks.
Relatives have not completed their work completely and do not seem to be in a hurry to return.
So I convinced her to bite her teeth and hire a professional to complete the task.
We are about to make a mess of our kitchen.
Is there a place in the area to sell inventory cabinets or overspend?
I also know how durable one of you has IKEA cabinets?
We are the big DIYers of a truck, so this is not an obstacle. Thank you.
Annie Groer: habitat restoration on the Richmond Highway in Alexandria occasionally gets beautiful cabinets from developers and retractors that sell very low prices to support a good habitat for human works.
I have Ikea cabinets, as do my food department colleague Walter Nichols.
We like them very much.
Our stainless steel is frosted glass or steel-clad doors.
The former owner of my last apartment rearranged the bathroom tiles.
I think the process is similar to re-soaking a bath.
The result is beautiful white (
Obviously you can choose whatever color you want)
Looks like a new tile.
It\'s cheaper, I\'m sure, with less labor.
More intensive than replacing them.
This is definitely the case.
If you can find the name of the company that did it, we are also very happy.
There will be a monthly Artist Market in Pershing Park (
City center 14 and near Penn ice rink)
The first weekend of each month
Probably worth a look at the affordable art.
You will also support local artists.
Annie Groo: Oh, good tip.
Yes, support local artists. Thanks.
Kensington, Washington: Hi, we will be building-
In the bookshelf/lower cabinet on the side of the gas fireplace in our family room, the fireplace is tiled with 1x1 glass mosiac (Hida Silk)
There is also a stainless steel panel
The color of the tile is mainly brown, gray, and different colors.
The walls of BM are soft ferns and our sofas are changing/Green each other.
Our kitchen is fully open with white cabinets, black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.
My question is if I should do it. ins in white (
And a kitchen)
Is it gray or a stain on wood? ?
Our look is a bit modern. Thanks!
Annie Groer: white, modern brushed nickel hardware on the lower cabinet that can be matched in both rooms.
No, no.
Hole umbrella: search online for \"offset umbrella \".
\"There are many companies.
Thanks, Annie. . .
Another term for decorative art. . . Repeat it with me. . . Offset the umbrella. Who knew?
A: two bathrooms in my 1939 colony have A window in the bathtub/shower.
What should I do with a curtain that provides privacy but is waterproof?
Anne Groo: the cheapest and least troublesome route is the opaque vinyl window film that provides privacy with plenty of light.
In stores like Home Depot and Lowe\'s, it\'s about $18 per roll with a variety of textures.
In this way, you don\'t have to worry about wet curtains, rusty poles, etc.
It has a clear color so you can change your decor easily and cheaply.
More information about Anne Arundel\'s restoration: they have a website: Groer: habitat restoration is everywhere in the area, with a wide variety of names. Go to www.
Human habits.
Find the one closest to you.
Another bathroom dilemma!
: There are many problems in the bathroom today.
I was wondering what to do with the apartment bathroom I rented and it was horrible.
Bright yellow tiles (
Almost dizzy)
The walls and shower rooms are decorated in black with black and white tiles on the floor.
I can\'t do anything about tiles.
I tried several different ways.
Yellow shower curtain (
In the morning, all the yellow color is not harmonious)
, Now I am trying to pretend that the yellow tile does not exist by using bamboo print shower curtain and wood fittings. Also horrible.
I think the only thing that can upgrade this bathroom is the black and white shower curtain.
Any other ideas?
Anne Groo: black and white toile, even light cream and black, will definitely make it light.
Interesting flowers and subtle stripes will also work.
A previous poster asked if the curved or crescent shower rod needed a wider curtain of the standard rod.
The answer is No.
This is the best day of the Year --
In a day in Washington, DC, there are towns that are home to many artists whose works are excellent but affordable.
I think of Maryland, Easton, Chester Town and Rock Hall.
Virginia, West Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania are certainly similar.
So go out for a day and go to a new place and go home with some beautiful, affordable, original artwork!
Annie Groo: that\'s good. . .
But try to bring a friend or two (
Have the biggest vehicle in case you really hit pay dirt)
Then you can share the cost of gas.
Did anyone with moldy mud try to wash it clean with chlorine bleach solution?
She can use cheap store brands.
It\'s not hard as long as she makes sure the bathroom is in good condition --
When the chlorine solution starts to work, ventilate and keep it for ten minutes, then rinse the grouting well.
Annie Groo: that\'s good. . .
Don\'t forget to wear strong gloves and goggles.
But in any case, please check with the neighbors downstairs to make sure there is no leak.
In Arlington, Virginia.
I want to draw an apple green little playroom in my house.
It\'s hard for me to find anything that is neither too small nor too dark.
Any suggestions? Thanks!
Anne Groo: try the new paint collection that Martha Stewart has designed for Lao-Picnic Green.
That\'s what you want.
There is one closer to Annapolis.
I forgot where it was but in the County of Anne Arundel.
There is recruitment information for advertising and I live in Odenton.
Thanks, Annie. . . .
Any habitat regulars who want to share their secret sources. . .
We rearranged the bathtub and considered making our turquoise wall tiles.
We decided not to do this because the mortar and tile color are the same when you re-lay the tile and we thought it might be a bit inappropriate.
Personal preferences, but remember.
Thank you, Arlington.
Since I am a huge fan of turqoise, I applaud your decision from the bottom of my heart.
White doesn\'t seem to matter that much, but any other color may turn offputting.
My husband and I have just added a dog to our house.
Dogs stay in felt during the day. Kitchen floor.
It smells like a dog when we get home.
What can we do to help keep the smell minimal? Thanks!
Anne Groo: It\'s not clear yet whether the smell is just a dog or a dog urine and poo.
If it is the former, make sure the dog is kept clean (
Including his teeth);
If it is the latter, you must take better care of the floor.
You may also want to strategically place large pieces of activated carbon in the kitchen to remove the smell.
Another ugly bathroom: half of the walls are dim yellow and white tiles, the ugly shower door is clear and the lighting is not good. Also a rental.
Since the shower curtain is not an option, is there any suggestion to beautify the place?
Annie Groo: find a good one
Light fixtures that look cheap, you can install them for the time being;
Then, when you move, put the old one back and when you move, either sell it or take the new one with you.
Also, you can add Peeland-
Horrible shower screen will pop up sticky wallBerlin wallpaper. com.
Washington: No doubt, just the message: habitat restoration also opened a store in Gaithersburg: human habitat restoration company 20877 Tel :(301)947-
3304 Anne Groo: Great.
They came out everywhere.
Emily Meisner from DIY kitchen just walked up to my desk and told me the following things, which makes a lot of sense.
\"If we didn\'t live in a building built in 1952 with incredible old, dangerous wires, we wouldn\'t have to do any major work at all.
But according to the House Inspector, our kitchen is a real fire hazard.
If it is a newer building, it may take us only a few hours of work to hide the exposed wires. \"Thanks, Emily.
The poster can still use the shower curtain to hide it.
Buy tie rods at Sears/Walmart/Kmart and more.
Hide the ugly door and hang the beautiful curtains.
Thank you. I\'m thinking about this, too.
If you want to make the room look less dirty by having more fabric, close the bar to the ceiling and get an extra-long curtain.
Serve the local art: how about the Torpedo Factory? ?
Some things are expensive but there are some great things too.
Also, you can usually interact with the artist, so maybe you can bargain!
Hooray, more artistic skills.
I like torpedo factory very much.
This is my question --
Thank you for your suggestion.
In fact, I don\'t have a neighbor downstairs, only a small convenience store, he will tell me now if there is a leak.
Chlorine bleach-
Do you mean regular bleach or a specific product you want? Thanks again.
Anne Groo: Thank you for your clarification. . .
If you use regular old bleach, dilute it with water, like 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water.
If it\'s really stubborn, use a hard brush or even a toothbrush.
Bathroom mold: the mold shown through the inseam may be there because there are several layers of inseam on the original layer covering the mold
It\'s now starting to wear out and show it.
We just bought an apartment and the inspector told us to take a razor blade, remove all the old cauldron, clean it with bleach solution, and then use recaluk.
Anne Groo: I like the home inspector.
They saved us from the mistakes or laziness of our former masters.
Chatter can install a tension bar above the shower door and hang a curtain from it.
It covers the door and she can pick the pattern she really likes.
This is recommended by many people. . .
Great ideas and so on.
Don\'t forget to go to the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill for original works (and local)art and frame-worth photos.
A variety of media and some very interesting works.
And a few bricks-and-
It may be a mortar shop near the resource market (
I\'m thinking about the boutique in Egypt).
Annie Groo: thanks, we all want to support the eastern market suppliers on Capitol Hill after the terrible fire.
One night a few weeks ago I came back from a trip out of town and opened the heat pump in my apartment and it kept on --for hours-
So I turned it off.
The next day I opened the window and called the person who served my heat pump.
He didn\'t call back ,-but-
About ten minutes after I got home at five o\'clock P. M. , he knocked on my door.
He said he was in my building and wanted to see if I was at home.
After looking at the heat pump, he thought there was no problem with the thermostat --
It was very hot at the time and the heat pump was very slow, which is famous.
He added that I should call him if there is really a problem.
I thank him very much and ask him how much I owe him.
He said nothing.
I\'m here anyway. How about that! !
Annie Groo: that\'s true. . .
Call his boss and praise him.
Dr. Bowie, MD: I have a dirty laundry room similar to the one that was redecorated in the family section today.
My problem is that I also have water heaters and stoves (
And overhead pipes).
When I enter from the garage, what color will make it feel more popular, and at the same time may make some contrast with white appliances and Elfa shelves?
Anne Groo: delicious blue like the Blue Moon of c2.
Washington, DC: I agree with Silver Springs that I am a little frustrated to see that family and friends with expertise play a role in renovations.
But, as someone who retired from the two-story bathroom without any formal training and installed the tile tailgate, I think it\'s a good option
Away from the story, laying tiles is relatively easy to learn, and if you don\'t choose exotic tiles, it can be easily placed in your pocket and can make huge changes in the look of the room! !
Good for you.
Emily, thank you, too.
Is there any photo on the poster that can be enlarged?
They can have a cheap personalized art.
Many photo sites on the Internet offer services.
In addition, check the sales of photo frames in the thrift store and yard.
EXs, so much artistic creativity.
Yes, photos of emotional significance are always great.
I have a set of family photos dating back to 1920 and many of them are dark brown and they give me a feeling of who I am and where I come from.
Mary Providence: Anne and Jura --
I need your help-
My house looks like a school bus!
We promise not. no in painting.
Pick a color from the chip and then when our outside painter painted our house in amarillo yellow from BM, we were out of town (320).
The house is too bright.
We would like to avoid the cost of re-painting and would like you to provide some advice on trim colors (
Bright white now)
Maybe emphasize color
For those doors that might turn our house black. if it helps -
The two houses next to us are dark gray and light gray.
Be grateful forever! !
Annie Groo: Oh.
If you don\'t speak like a normal scolding, you really can\'t leave such a thing to the opportunity.
If you are leaving town, apply a lot of paint samples at least in some places outside the house.
Better yet, don\'t leave until the painters are doing well.
Amarillo doesn\'t look so bright in a whole page of yellow, but I can see how it\'s dazzling.
Since you are surrounded by a gray house, I suggest you decorate it in gray (
If your neighbors know their exact color, go ahead)
For example, Benjamin Moore\'s cobblestone beach or Silver Lake.
The door is a bit dark, like the Timberwolves.
Our washing machine and dryer are stored in a lovely hallway closet in our apartment in 1950s.
When we moved in, the two doors were hung by a thread.
I have been working on changing the closet door but the size of the door needs to be customized. What do to?
Would it look cheesy to hang the curtains before we figure it out, or would it be better to put the washer and dryer outdoors.
If we use curtains, what is the best way to hang them? A tension rod? thanks!
Annie Groo: I\'m totally in favor of hanging the fabric on the tension bar. . .
Use small rings or cheap Ikea curtains with large grosses on them so they can be moved easily;
Stay away from very thick fabric so you can use the washer and dryer to the maximum.
Don\'t rely on the convenience store owner to tell you about the leak.
He probably didn\'t know it was there.
If it is on the wall covered by the box.
Don\'t take any risks.
There is also a good point.
Before you call the city, you may want to have the landlord bring a home inspector.
I don\'t have time, so I left here.
Zhu LA will come back next week to perform for the duo.
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