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jewellery with shrinky dinks and doming resin

by:Mingtao      2020-12-14
I like to use shrink plastic because anyone can do this.
No matter how bad you draw, the end result is lovely.
This guide will also show you how to use dome resin to make your product look better and longer to use.
Don\'t forget to read the comments on the pictures as I like to explain what\'s going on in each photo.
You can find the information about the shrink plastic I use in the link below, which is provided by an American company in Australia and you can find it here. I\'m not very good at drawing on shrink film, and I\'m not very good at drawing with permanent marks, so I used what I already
My digital design is based on my own sketches and part of my work.
Please do not copy my design, create your own, it is more interesting!
I have some friends who make shrink film with their own hand drawing and do a lovely job with permanent marks and pencils.
It is important to know that they are reduced to about (or smaller)
Although the instructions say they are reduced to half.
I think they mean half of all directions.
Keep this in mind in your design.
Check the photos in the intro to see how much shrinkage actually happened.
The shiny shrink film that needs to be learned may be a challenge.
I use a pencil (
Wipe well on shiny things, but not well on matte or inkjet)
Draw the outline and color the pencil (
Just a pack of cheap regular pencils).
The color strengthens when the work is reduced, so keep this in mind, especially when using permanent marks.
You need to plan your page if you are using inkjet film (
In the illustration software of your choice)
So you can install as much as you can to waste the least amount of film (
But remember to set aside at least enough space to cut them off comfortably).
Then you need to print it on the movie (
Test on paper first).
You should set the printer to average quality (
Because the quality is too bad and there is no quality of any kind of photo, I used the quality of plain paper).
The printer I use is canon.
I was told that the Epson printer with pigment ink was not suitable.
Also, don\'t use a laser printer, your film will melt!
For the drawing of the shrink line, I used the shrink film cut for other items.
I use the whole piece of paper.
You can save decent expenses for making more things.
Shrink Film is very suitable for playing and making small pieces (
More instructions will detail how to make other things with shrink plastic).
Some tips for a long and thin design may not shrink properly (
Will curl up not straighten out).
Shrink films like to be cut fairly evenly.
Once you have confidence in the process, I will turn to a more irregular shape.
Keep in mind that the color will strengthen.
If you want to add dome resin, you have to have smooth, even edges and no sharp corners, the resin will fall off. (see photo)
Cutting around the design is very important, don\'t try to cut them on the lines you draw or print.
I made a huge Boo with my first group (
About a year ago)
Trying to cut the line.
You cut 3-
5mm away from your perimeter.
Look at my photos in detail.
I made a lot of earrings pairs so I had to make sure they were cut evenly (
Try not to be crazy about it as much as you can because you will get more and more fascinated and white until nothing is gone).
Warning, don\'t drop your inkjet shrink on wet ground when the ink comes off and sticks together.
I accidentally dropped my hands on the ground :)
You should work with clean, dry hands and clean benches, tables and tools.
I also attached a picture of what I destroyed.
The edges are rough.
Anyway, I shouldn\'t be in the corner so much trouble.
When this contracted, the angle was too sharp and the resin fell off.
I also think that the rough edges are related to resin shedding.
You should have clean, dry hands and clean and dry working surfaces throughout the process.
We always had chocolate in our kitchen, so I wiped the bench thoroughly beforehand to dry the surface.
The process is the same when using both types.
Set your oven between 80c/350f and 200c/390f.
The exact temperature depends on what your oven looks like.
Because our oven is cold, I set it around 190.
Make sure you
Heat the oven for at least 30 minutes or so.
Baking paper needs to be placed on the baking tray and on the top of the shrink. Re-
Use the paper for all parts that shrink.
You don\'t need new paper for every set you put.
I shrink up to 4 at a time and have a book on hand to do the final draw, even though I find them not too hot to touch, the book is even more than my fingers.
Hope you have a glass door in your oven (
Cleaner than ours, the damn oven is getting dirty! ).
Put your tray in the oven on the middle shelf (
Best viewing)
Make sure your work doesn\'t move with each other as you go.
Close the oven and watch them.
A few times before you do this, I suggest you keep an eye on them so you can see what they do.
About 2-
Shrink for 3 minutes and can be flipped during this process.
They curl up during the contraction, so if they do, don\'t worry that they will flatten in the oven soon.
2-take your first batch out after that
3 minutes, see how it is.
You\'re looking for them to still be a little submissive (
However, they left soon after coming out of the heat . ).
If they are still curly and hard, it doesn\'t seem to shrink completely, let them cool completely and put it in again at the end of all batches (
If you have a bunch of contractions, otherwise give the chaotic ones some time to relax).
Put them back in the oven and fill them up 2-3 minutes (
You can do all the weird things that curl at the same time).
When they are fresh out of the oven, you are welcome to throw the book directly on them if they become flat and perfect.
If they don\'t lie flat, I don\'t think they have been in there long enough, try again as mentioned above!
Continue until your entire batch is completed.
When they are finished, store them in a plastic zip bag (
Let them cool down first).
Inkjet is still prone to moisture.
It\'s made in the US, so I think everyone can find it.
I got a self-test bag of 30 ml.
Just tuck it into your reception.
You can mix it with a plastic disposable cup.
Because everyone gave me a bunch of glass jars I used.
Make sure the jar is clean and dry.
I put all my shrink stuff on a cardboard sheet on an old table that no one else uses.
Once the resin continues to be used, you cannot move these parts for at least 10 minutes15 hrs.
You also want to avoid getting dust on them.
Prepare the resin according to the instructions on the package.
Once mixed, I leave for a few minutes to get some bubbles up.
Make a cup of tea, pee and have some snacks.
Once you start applying resin to it, you want to complete the whole process quickly and efficiently.
Apply the resin using a paint brush that I can throw away.
You can buy these from cheap shops.
Starting from the middle, apply the resin slowly to each piece and spread to the edge, and the resin will form a meniscus.
As I mentioned, you don\'t want any angle, you want a smooth round edge (
The resin flows out of the sharp corners and messy sides --
See my wrong image).
I slowly dripped the resin around and spread it gently.
When it started to become sticky, I fixed the pieces firmly with skewers because the resin and the pieces would stick to the brush, especially the small earrings.
30 mls resin covers a lot of small pieces (
See picture for what I cover).
It took me about an hour to wear my coat in my lot.
After 45 minutes the resin became very thick and sticky and I went on to eat the last 3 pieces which worked fine.
It takes about 18 hours for the touch to dry.
I left them 4 days before I stuck to the findings.
You want the resin to dry completely.
I didn\'t wait long enough for the last batch (only 2 days)
A couple was destroyed by putting the resin aside.
This is the super easy part!
Attach your findings (Jewelry parts)using Araldite.
Araldite is a resin glue made up of two parts, simply mix according to the instructions on the package and then glue according to your findings.
I mixed my Araldite on the cardboard where the pieces were leaning against.
I can usually glue 4-with araldite-
1 Mixed 6 pieces.
I mixed it in small batches.
Araldite did it very quickly.
I gave it 24 hours to dry completely, though.
When you set the shrink to glue, you want to turn them over and take the findings out before mixing the glue.
This is a quick job :)
Apply your glue to the back in the shape found and stick them in the appropriate position.
You don\'t have to make jewelry from your doctor (
Although it\'s fun to wear your own artwork).
I\'m also working on an Instructable that shows you how to make small shrink scenes.
Ask if you have any questions!
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